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“Once I started reading, I could not stop. The pages seemed to flip themselves. I was completely enthralled by Alysia's story as it unfolded. Hidden in plain sight are the lessons we all need to learn to be successful. What could we do if we were just as persistent and willing to learn what skills we truly have within us? This book should be on your nightstand. But, if you do put it there, don't plan to sleep too soon."

Tony Bodoh,

#1 Best Selling Author


An entrepreneur so determined to change the world, not even a bullet could stop her.

In Unemployable, Alysia Silberg, a startup Investor, AI expert, entrepreneur, and executive coach, shares her powerful story of survival and success, aided by the great equalizer – technology. Growing up in poverty in South Africa, Alysia experienced violence, abuse, and even a gunshot wound. Through determination and an unwavering commitment to learning, she made her way to America and Silicon Valley, becoming a lover and funder of startups, with a passion for AI.


This "unputdownable" memoir and manifesto serves as a source of inspiration for anyone who has been told, or has told themselves, that they cannot. By embracing our own superpowers, Alysia believes we can unlock our unique brilliance and contribute to the responsible advancement of technology.


Unemployable is not just about Alysia's personal journey of self-discovery, but about the transformative power of technology and AI as great equalizers. This beautifully crafted memoir will inspire you to defy limitations, embrace your inner brilliance, push the boundaries of technology and entrepreneurship, and change the world responsibly.

Alysia shares her unique perspective on

  • How to change your mindset from "I can't" to "I can"

  • How to embrace learning and growth – even in the face of adversity – on your journey towards limitless possibilities 

  • Unearthing your unique brilliance and contributing to the responsible advancement of technology

  • Harnessing the potential of AI to create a more equitable and inclusive world while being mindful of its challenges and risks

  • Strategies for building a strong personal brand, powerful network, and multiple income streams


Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 2: Find Your Superpower
    Alysia experienced a workplace demotion at a young age, which changed her role from greeting customers to being a "floor manager." Alysia faced challenges and felt like an outsider at her upscale Jewish school due to their family's background and their own conversion to Judaism. Despite being pushed towards a career in music, particularly playing the cello, Alysia discovered her entrepreneurial superpower and found joy in identifying business opportunities from a young age.
  • Chapter 11: Harness the Power of Permissionless Leverage
    Leverage, both in terms of power and efficient use of resources, is crucial for success in any field. Achieving a leveraged position allows for scalability and wealth creation. Alysia shares her personal journey of leveraging entrepreneurship and real estate investment to escape economic struggle and make a significant impact.
  • Chapter 3: Find the Power in Your Pain
    The family's home was frequently targeted by burglaries, leaving them feeling violated and fearful. The crimes were a result of the oppressive apartheid system and high levels of inequality in South Africa. The protagonist's father tragically dies in a car crash, leaving the family in financial turmoil. They struggle to pay off debts and keep their business afloat. Despite the challenges, the protagonist and their brother find innovative ways to survive. They start tutoring their peers and leverage their academic skills to make money. They also embark on a risky trip overseas to meet suppliers and import goods, hoping to improve their business prospects.
  • Chapter 12: Stop and Admire the View
    The importance of taking a moment to pause and appreciate one's achievements and surroundings. Reflecting on the journey and the progress made along the way. Finding fulfillment and satisfaction in the present moment rather than constantly chasing future goals.
  • Chapter 6: Learn the Skills You Never Knew You Had
    Alysia's passion for teaching and sharing insights with students. The realization that education alone is not enough for financial independence and success. Alysia's transition from academia to entrepreneurship in order to make a real-world impact and create wealth through property flipping.
  • Chapter 5: Dare to Share What You Know
    Exercising the mind: The protagonist, back in Johannesburg, is working on challenging calculations at a gym and seeks help from a knowledgeable person named Darren, leading to the beginning of their relationship. Finding refuge and love: After a dangerous incident, Darren offers the protagonist a place to stay, showing kindness and support. Despite the disapproval of Darren's family, they choose to be together. Embracing teaching and making a difference: The protagonist, driven by their love for math and a desire to help others, becomes a teacher in South Africa, where math and science education is lacking. They face challenges but are determined to make a positive impact on their students' lives.
  • Chapter 9: Let Your Voice be Heard Around the World
    The power of communication and the ability to have one's voice heard globally. Embracing technology to amplify one's message and connect with a worldwide audience. Overcoming barriers of language, culture, and distance to share ideas and make a meaningful impact on a global scale.
  • Chapter 13: Invent Tomorrow Today
    The importance of innovation and forward thinking in shaping the future. Alysia's belief in the power of technology to drive progress and solve complex problems. Encouragement to embrace creativity, take risks, and actively contribute to inventing a better future.
  • Chapter 10: Keep on Never Giving Up
    Alysia's determination to overcome obstacles and continue pursuing their goals. The importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges. Examples of Alysia's personal experiences and how she kept pushing forward despite setbacks.
  • Chapter 7: Make a Dent in the Universe
    The chapter emphasizes the importance of setting ambitious goals and striving to make a significant impact in the world. It encourages readers to think beyond personal success and consider how their actions can positively influence and inspire others. The chapter highlights the examples of successful entrepreneurs who have left a lasting legacy by pursuing their passions and making a meaningful difference in society.
  • Chapter 4: Leverage the Positive Power of Compound Interest
    Overcoming adversity: Alysia recognizes the value of both good and bad experiences in shaping one's life. She shares her personal journey of surviving and rising above challenges, including the legacy of her mother's abuse and a gunshot wound. Pursuing a dream: Alysia's desire to escape her difficult circumstances in South Africa led her to pursue a new life in Canada. She seized an opportunity to immigrate through a new program and leveraged her skills to build a better future. The power of compound interest: Alysia learned about the concept of compound interest, which fascinated her. She saw how their grandfather had accumulated wealth through wise investments and realized the importance of preparation, education, and leverage for building true wealth.
  • Chapter 1: Find Your Divine Sparkle
    Alysia's childhood desire for pink roller skates symbolizes her dreams and determination. Alysia's father's transformational skills as a make-up artist and pharmacist shaped her perception of the power of imagination. Alysia's early entrepreneurial experience selling vintage suits demonstrates her resourcefulness and drive to achieve her goals.
  • Chapter 8: Conquer Your Fear of the Faraway Horizon
    Overcoming the fear of venturing into the unknown and pursuing distant dreams. Embracing the uncertainty and challenges that come with exploring new territories. Developing a mindset of resilience and adaptability to navigate unfamiliar paths and achieve personal growth.

What's Inside?

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