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Jerry Loy, Director, JLINT Limited 

"The combination of Alysia's expertise in technology startup creations, development and scaling and venture investing, along with her ability to speak articulately and passionately about these subjects, is rare and invaluable…needless to say, Alysia’s contribution on the panel stood out and was one of the highlights of the seminar."

Alysia Silberg: Inspiring Change Through Powerful Keynotes

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Immerse your audience in an inspiring journey of resilience, innovation, and success with Alysia as your event's keynote speaker. Known for her profound insights into artificial intelligence and her trailblazing entrepreneurial spirit, Alysia's story of overcoming adversity to achieve remarkable success is nothing short of inspiring.


With a compelling blend of personal anecdotes and thought-provoking ideas, Alysia's presentations are more than just speeches - they are transformative experiences that ignite new perspectives, provoke thoughtful dialogue, and inspire individuals to overcome challenges and reach for their highest potential.


Make your event unforgettable by giving your attendees the opportunity to hear from a woman who has not only shaping the future of AI but has also defined the essence of unyielding resilience.


Contact us today to secure Alysia's presence at your event and get ready for a keynote that will leave a lasting impression.

Where Alysia Has Spoken

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Book Alysia for any of these Popular Talks:

The Evolution of Sales: Leveraging AI for Unprecedented Business Growth

Join Alysia Silberg as she delves into the transformative power of AI in modern sales strategies. This talk will cover:


  • The challenges faced by emerging sales leaders in the contemporary business landscape.

  • How AI can be a strategic partner in sales, transforming from a technological tool to a sales coach.

  • Alysia's personal experiences with AI in sales, and the measurable improvements in sales performance, confidence, and decision-making skills.

  • Practical, actionable advice on integrating AI into sales methodologies, and how it can enhance results.

  • A speculative, forward-thinking discussion on the future of sales, considering the influence of AI.

Intelligent Investment: Navigating the Financial Landscape with AI

Embark on a fascinating journey of AI-assisted investment processes with Alysia Silberg. This keynote will explore:


  • The motivations and processes behind Alysia's decision to co-opt AI into her investment journey.

  • The dynamic partnership between Alysia and AI in various aspects of investment, from market analysis to decision-making.

  • Valuable lessons and insights from this unique collaboration, and how it has broadened her understanding of the investment landscape.

  • The potential future implications of AI-assisted investment strategies as technology continues to evolve.

  • A speculative, forward-thinking discussion on the future of investment decision making and analysis, considering the influence of AI.

Empowering Leadership Through AI: A Step Towards Gender Equality in the Business World

Uncover how AI can empower women in leadership roles with Alysia Silberg. In this talk, Alysia will discuss:


  • The unique challenges faced by young female leaders, particularly during negotiations, and how AI can serve as a tool to navigate these issues.

  • Her personal experiences with AI-faceted negotiation training and the tangible benefits of such a tool.

  • Specific instances where the AI coach guided her to successful negotiation outcomes.

  • Practical advice for young female leaders on how they can leverage AI to improve their negotiation skills and leadership effectiveness.

  • A thoughtful discussion on the future role of AI tools in promoting gender equality in leadership roles.

Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace: The Role of AI in Nurturing Well-being

Join Alysia Silberg as she explores the potential of AI in managing mental health challenges in the workplace. This talk will shed light on:


  • The growing prevalence of mental health issues among young professionals and their impact on productivity and well-being.

  • Alysia's personal experiences using AI as a tool for mental health support and the positive outcomes of such an approach.

  • Recommendations for young professionals on how to leverage AI for managing their mental health.

  • A reflective dialogue on the potential of AI in shaping future mental health support strategies in the professional realm.

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As a Keynote Speaker, Alysia delivers.

  • Markets governments & global corporations on startup ecosystem engineering

  • Innovation system development, investment direction

  • Accessing technological insight for economic development

  • Inclusive & diversified entrepreneurship & trade at the highest levels

Book Alysia for a Powerful Keynote: 

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Keynote Topic: Unleashing the Power of the 'Unemployable': Intrapreneurship and AI for the Next Era of Business


In a rapidly evolving corporate landscape, fostering a culture of intrapreneurship has become a strategic imperative. In this transformative keynote, explore the concept of the 'unemployable' mindset — the dynamic blend of entrepreneurial spirit within an organizational context. Delve into the role of Artificial Intelligence as an enabler for intrapreneurial innovation. Empower your workforce to break free from conformity, harness their unique potential, and contribute to your organization's growth in unprecedented ways.




  • Understanding the 'unemployable' mindset and its relevance in the modern corporate world.

  • Identifying the benefits and challenges of fostering intrapreneurship.

  • Practical strategies for building a culture that supports and nurtures 'unemployable' employees.

  • Unleashing the potential of AI to enhance intrapreneurship and drive strategic growth.

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The Strategic Advantage of the 'Unemployable': Revolutionizing Business with Intrapreneurship and AI


In a world where change is the only constant, companies that cultivate a culture of innovation stand to gain the most. This engaging keynote presents the 'unemployable' concept - a transformative mindset that marries entrepreneurial drive with organizational resources. Discover how AI can augment this intrapreneurial spirit, propelling your business forward in the face of uncertainty and change.




  • Defining the 'unemployable' phenomenon and its impact on corporate dynamics.

  • Harnessing the power of intrapreneurship for business innovation and competitiveness.

  • Overcoming resistance and transforming corporate culture to support intrapreneurial initiatives.

  • Leveraging AI as a powerful tool to enhance the capabilities of 'unemployable' employees and fuel business growth.

Purple Podiums

Success is a journey of self-discovery and relentless determination.

- Alysia

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Book Alysia For this Interactive Workshop

AI Empowerment - Transforming Leadership and Business Practices

In this interactive workshop, Alysia will guide participants through practical applications of AI in business scenarios. Participants will engage in hands-on activities and discussions on:


  • Adopting AI for strategic decision-making and problem-solving.

  • Using AI tools effectively to enhance sales strategies, investment decisions, and negotiation skills.

  • Identifying opportunities to leverage AI in promoting mental health and wellness in the workplace.

  • Exploring the potential role of AI in driving diversity and inclusion in leadership roles.

Alysia's Recent Speaking Engagements


  • UN WOMEN Commission on the Status of Women 64 - “Gender Equity and Venture Capital in Healthcare Innovation”

  • 9th Annual Uganda-UK Trade & FDI Investment Convention

  • 1st Annual Europe Future Summit - Keynote

  • World Forum on Foreign Direct Investment - Sydney - Keynote

  • SAP Global CEO Summit Spain

  • Africa Impact Investing Forum, London Speaker

  • ‘Technology & Entrepreneurship: Inspiring Innovation'— European Family Office Alliance and Farrer & Co. Speaker

  • University College London (UCL) Global Entrepreneurship Week ‘Women in Enterprise’ Keynote 

  • University College London (UCL) ‘Investment Readiness Workshop’ Keynote

  • Ernst & Young ‘Colours of Africa’ Keynote

  • Google #AfricanUnicorns2030 Keynote

  • British Funding Show “Funding for Science, Tech & Innovation” Speaker

  • ‘Your Vision of The Future’ - Speaker, London

  • Africa Impact Investing Leaders Forum, London Speaker

  • Ethiopia-UK Trade & Investment Forum, Speaker

  • Tunisia-UK Trade & Investment Forum, Speaker

  • World Forum on Foreign Direct Investment Liverpool

  • Global Entrepreneurship Summit, London Tech Week “North America” Speaker

  • StartupCanada — ‘Raising Equity Finance’, ‘Funding for Women

  • Entrepreneurs’, and ‘Building a Global Growth Strategy’, Expert

  • Ghana-UK Trade and Investment Forum Speaker

  • Africa Impact Investing Leaders Forum - London - Speaker

  • World Forum on Foreign Direct Investment- Shanghai - Speaker

  • Women Economic Forum Speaker

  • Women of Value Summit Keynote Speaker

  • UN WOMEN Commission on the Status of Women, Speaker

Reflecting on the Journey: Revisit Alysia's Transformative Past Experiences

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