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Investment Philosophy of Street Global


At Street Global, our mission transcends the traditional boundaries of venture capital. We are not merely investors; we are architects of the future, committed to nurturing startups that aspire to reshape the world. Our investment philosophy is anchored in a profound belief that the most groundbreaking innovations are born from a relentless pursuit of solutions to complex problems. This ethos is woven into the very fabric of our firm, guiding every decision we make.


Nikhil Buduma

Ambience Healthcare


“Alysia! You've supported us from day 1 and cannot be grateful enough for your time & wisdom :)"

James West

Globe  Derivatives Exchange


"Our other investors are the biggest brand names in the space, and she has often delivered ten times the amount of assistance and value they have!"

Jacob Cole



"Alysia is one of the most compassionate, skillful, and visionary weavers of people and important ideas around her. She has an incredible taste for recognizing the signs of wise and powerful ways of thinking in founders and follows through in supporting them even when they're out of the popular paradigm."


Visionary Investments:

We invest in early-stage AI startups that exhibit not just the potential for substantial financial returns, but a deeper purpose. Our focus is on visionaries who seek to address pressing global challenges through innovative technology. We look beyond profit and prestige, aligning ourselves with founders whose ambitions are rooted in making a meaningful impact.


The Power of Leverage:

Leverage is the cornerstone of wealth, and at Street Global, we leverage knowledge, technology, and networks to propel our investments to unprecedented heights. Our approach is multifaceted, employing leverage not only as a financial instrument but as a strategic tool to amplify our startups' reach and capabilities.


Commitment to Learning:

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and investment, continuous learning is our mantra. We dedicate ourselves to exhaustive research, understanding that the acquisition of knowledge is the ultimate meta-skill in the investment world. This commitment ensures that we remain at the forefront of innovation, ready to identify and seize the next groundbreaking opportunity.


Building the Future:

Our ambition is to invent the future, one startup at a time. We believe that every great invention starts with a problem eagerly awaiting a solution. Our role is to uncover these opportunities, applying our insights, experience, and resources to turn visionary ideas into reality.


A Growing Network:

The strength of Street Global lies in our expanding network of entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders. Together, we are building an ecosystem that fosters collaboration, growth, and success. Our journey is one of constant advancement, driven by a shared passion for creating a brighter tomorrow.

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Join Us

We invite you to explore the possibilities with Street Global. Whether you are a founder with a transformative idea or an investor looking to make a meaningful impact, we welcome you to our community. Together, let's turn visionary concepts into tangible solutions that redefine our world.


For further insights into our work and thought leadership, visit where you can delve into a wealth of media interviews that shed light on our philosophy, achievements, and the bright minds we support.

People Walking

John Alexiou



   "Alysia is a superstar, it's really that simple. As an early investor in our company, she very quickly connected the financial, public, and private sector dots and helped us open doors and gain the right perspective. I highly recommend working with Alysia; she is what entrepreneurs need and what traditional ‘investors’ should aspire to become.”

John MacMahon

Mitre Medical Corp


  "Alysia and I met through Street Global and their mission to see companies advance in the competitive fund-raising field. What impressed me most was her clarity of message and domain expertise. Mitre is better for the guidance she provided."

Dan Jones

Debt Destroyed


"One of the top, most energetic, and crazy minds in Silicon Valley."

Portfolio Companies

At Street Global, we take pride in our diverse portfolio of early-stage AI startups. Each company we invest in is carefully selected for its potential to disrupt industries, solve significant challenges, and contribute to a better future. Below is a showcase of the innovative companies we've partnered with:

Ambience Healthcare | autonomous AI scribe

Aragorn AI | cloud people resource data integration

Avro Life Science | transdermal drug delivery

Bear Flag Robotics | autonomous tractors - Acquired

Betterfin | AI for business loans - Acquired

Breadfast | food delivery for Africa and the Middle East

Byterat | battery data analysis platform

Cloosiv | order-ahead and business operations software for coffee retailers - Acquired


Contraline | long-term, reversible, non-hormonal male contraception


Eden Farm | national food distribution network for Indonesia


Galluk | India gold savings app


GHC | India's most trusted health and wellness brand

Global Predictions | AI-powered financial advisor

Globe.dx  | cryptocurrency derivatives exchange

Helicone | open-source observability platform for generative AI


Helium Health | hospital management software


Ideaflow | cognitive augmentation


Indee Labs | gene therapy production device

Leafpress  |ESG real estate AI | AI residential real estate


Middleware | rapid cloud data integration

MyPetrolPump | mobile gas on-demand, India - Acquired


Odeko | order-ahead and business operations software for coffee retailers

Spect | blindness prevention using AI & inexpensive hardware


SubPac | immersive sound for automotive, cinema, gaming & music


Talus Bioscience | AI-driven gene regulatory proteome platform

Venomyx | engineered antitoxins

WiFi Dabba | decentralized high speed network

Woody Library | Netflix for books & rental, China

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