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Previously published as Unemployable: How I Hired Myself" by Alysia Edith Silberg

Winner - NAIWE non-fiction book of the year 2023 

"A must-read for anyone seeking to innovate, create & thrive in the age of AI."

An entrepreneur so determined to change the world, not even a bullet could stop her.

In Unemployable, Alysia Silberg, a startup Investor, AI expert, entrepreneur, and executive coach, shares her powerful story of survival and success, aided by the great equalizer – technology. Growing up in poverty in South Africa, Alysia experienced violence, abuse, and even a gunshot wound. Through determination and an unwavering commitment to learning, she made her way to America and Silicon Valley, becoming a lover and funder of startups, with a passion for AI.


This "unputdownable" memoir and manifesto serves as a source of inspiration for anyone who has been told, or has told themselves, that they cannot. By embracing our own superpowers, Alysia believes we can unlock our unique brilliance and contribute to the responsible advancement of technology.


In this book, Alysia shares her unique perspective on:

  • How to change your mindset from "I can't" to "I can"

  • How to embrace learning and growth – even in the face of adversity – on your journey towards limitless possibilities

  • Unearthing your unique brilliance and contributing to the responsible advancement of technology

  • Harnessing the potential of AI to create a more equitable and inclusive world while being mindful of its challenges and risks

  • Strategies for building a strong personal brand, powerful network, and multiple income streams


Unemployable is not just about Alysia's personal journey of self-discovery, but about the transformative power of technology and AI as great equalizers. This beautifully crafted memoir will inspire you to defy limitations, embrace your inner brilliance, push the boundaries of technology and entrepreneurship, and change the world responsibly.

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UNEMPLOYABLE, How AI Transformed My Work and Life

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